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About the Company

TAGZO allows members to anonymously inform companies, advertisers, news agencies, and other commercial or social information distributors (Promoters) about their specific interests. Members select, create, and organize “Tagz” for interests about which they want to receive information and promotions. Promoters can send highly targeted messages, monitored by TAGZO, to members based on their Tagz without ever seeing a member’s personal information.

TAGZO enables promoters to reach a warm audience, and members to receive promotions relevant to their interests without being spammed or hassled.

How GoingClear Ventures Helped

A boutique investment banking and financial advisory firm contacted us with the idea for this project. We knew immediately that it was genius; finally, a way to advertise effectively while protecting consumers against the barrage of irrelevant junk. This exciting project is still underway and has huge potential- so much so that additional outside investors are thinking about signing on.

So far we’ve completed a BETA launch including:

  • Internet Strategy
  • Branding
  • High-End User-Friendly Response-Driven Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Custom Tagz generator system adjusting to users in real-time
  • Notifications
  • Privacy settings
  • Custom Event Calendar
  • Internal Private Messaging
  • Profile Management
  • Account Registration
  • Archive System
  • Popular and Hot Tagz
  • Advertiser selection
  • eNewsletter development
  • QA and Testing
  • And More…


We even worked closely with a top Boston based Intellectual Property firm to assist in the legal details of creating and patenting this project. But who are the potential outside investors?  Nothing is official yet, but we’re proud that our work caught the attention of this well-known outfit, and thrilled that their potential involvement could bring more success to!