We take an innovative approach in working with start-ups. Unlike the typical venture firm, we don’t just fund projects; Going Clear Ventures works hand-in-hand with our clients to bring your idea into the real world. Our process is simple so that we can easily tailor it to meet your individual needs.


Understanding your vision is a critical first step. We learn about your goals, catch your passion, and get invested in your dream.


Charging reasonable rates is the only way we know to deal with start-ups. We know how tight your budget is because we launch our own start-ups, too. Going Clear Ventures will partner with you without breaking the bank.


Leveraging over ten years of experience, we form a detailed plan of action to take you from drawing board to boardroom.


Designing a user-friendly web interface is one of the first tangible steps we’ll take. We make sure everyone is happy with the layout, design, and navigation before moving forward.


Developing, coding, and programming is the step where design becomes a functioning website.


Testing your website is important to make sure that everything works perfectly.


Launching your site is the most fun for all of us, but we don’t just disappear after that.


Post-launch activities like ongoing SEO and internet marketing are all completed in house to help you make the most of your web presence.


Best of all, Going Clear Ventures is there for you on demand to answer questions, help you with upgrades, and continue to grow your business online.



Have a great idea? Let’s get together and talk about making it a reality!